Carved wooden owls available from ROOTS.

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Carved owls
7" 12 + 2.95 P+P
9" 16 + 3.95 P+P
12" 22 + 4.95 P+P
16" 42 + 9 P+P
Code OL11
carved wooden owl sat on perch carving of perched wooden owl Carved owl
24 + 5.95 P+P
Code OL12L
16 + 3.50 P+P
Code OL12S
Small carved owl
6 + 1.50 P+P
Code OL13L
5 + 1.50 P+P
Code OL13S
small carved owl with painted high lights small carved wooden owl with head turned to one side Wooden owl
8 + 2.50 P+P
Code OL14
Owl box
12 + 3.95 P+P
Code OL15
carved wooden owl stood on top of box wooden book end with small carved wooden owl Wooden owl book end
24 + 4.95 P+P
Code OL16.
Wooden owl on books.
10 + 2.50 P+P
Code OL17
carving of owl perched on top of a stack of books three carved wooden owls on a branch Carved owls on branch
15 + 3.50 P+P
Code OL18
Carved wooden owl
38 + 9 P+P
Code OL19
carved wooden owl Carving of 3 owls on a tree branch. Three owls in a tree
16 + 3.95 P+P
Code OL23
Carved wooden owl
12 + 2.50 P+P
Code OL21
carved wooden owl owl carving featuring one owl on top of a tree stump with a second smaller owl looking out of a hole in the stump Owl carving
14 + 3.50 P+P
Code OL22
Teak carved owl
22 + 5.95 P+P
Code OL20
wooden owl carved into a reclaimed piece of teak

Resin owls

Resin owl
price 3 + 1.50 P+P
Code OL51
Owl made from dark resin Small resin owl Resin model owl
price 3 + 1.50 P+P
code OL52
3 wise owls
price 6 + 2 P+P
Code OL53
3 wise owls made from dark resin in hear no evil see no evil speak no evil pose ala 3 wisde monkeys.

Silver owl earrings

Silver owl earrings
9.99 + 1 P+P
code JE154

If you are interested in purchasing any of these hand carved wooden owls or owl stools by mail order please contact us first by phone on 0115 9382394, or by e-mail to confirm the wooden owl you want is still in stock and for details of post and packaging charges.

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British owls.

The United Kingdom is home to six different species of owl. These are the Barn owl, the Little owl, the Long eared owl, the short eared owl, the Snowy owl and the Tawny owl.

Barn owls

Barn owls are easily distinguished from other British owls by their white faces, chests and under wings, while their backs are light brown. These owls breed throughout much of the U.K and Ireland but are absent from northern Scotland.

Little owls

The smallest of the U.K's owls the little owl reaches a modest eight and a half inches in height. These owls often hunt in daylight and will perch conspicuously in the open. Little owls are a relative newcomer to the U.K having been introduced in the latter nineteenth century. You can find little owls throughout most of England and parts of Wales. It is absent from Scotland and Ireland.

Long eared owls

Although long eared owls are quite widely distributed the fact that they are primarily nocturnal and like to nest in dense woodland makes them a difficult bird to see. However when they have young to feed these owls will hunt in open country before dusk and after dawn. Long eared owls often nest in the old nests of magpies or crows. With their ears raised these owls are easy to distinguish from tawny owls and short eared owls, however they can lower their ears and change the shape of face for different expressions. Long eared owls are also noticeable for their orange eyes. These owls are found throughout the U.K and Ireland except for south west England and North West Scotland.

Short eared owls

The short eared owl can be seen throughout much of the British mainland with the exception of north west Scotland. However these owls are only found in small areas of Ireland. Short eared owls regularly hunt in daylight their principal prey being the short tailed vole. When there is a shortage of short tailed voles the short eared owl goes hungry. When there is a profusion of short tailed voles the short eared owl feasts. (they don't like long tailed voles and having tried one fried I don't blame 'em).

Snowy owls

Snowy owls are both the physically largest of U.K owls at up to 24 inches tall and the rarest of our owls. Snowy owls breed only in the Shetland isles but the owls can be seen in other northern parts of the U.K. Unsurprisingly snowy owls have a predominantly white plumage with black or brown spots close to the tips of their feathers.

Tawny owls

It is the tawny owl that makes the twitt twoo sound most commonly associated with owls. Although some owls are active in daylight the tawny is fully nocturnal. Tawny owls can be found in most of the United Kingdom with the exception of the western isles, the northern isles and Northern Ireland.

Owl links

The web site of the world owl trust provides more information about owls, while for information about Barn Owls in particular you might try the Barn owl centre of Gloster.